The Supreme Salmon Co
Rearing Quality Live Salmon
The Supreme Salmon Co is a unique business which grows all sizes of live salmon in freshwater. Located in Lincolnshire, the owner has 40 years experience of rearing fish including 20 years of salmon cultivation.

Products include
Salmon fry and fingerlings for restocking or ongrowing.
Constuction of recirculating fish rearing systems.
Rearing of large salmon for freshwater angling lakes
Construction and management of private salmon angling facilities

Salmon Fry and Fingerlings
Orders can be placed for salmon up to 25g (1oz) in any quantity from 1,000 to 500,000. All salmon are produced from ova and the customer can specify the origin. Other species, especially trout can also be available.

Construction of Rearing Systems
All the salmon are grown here on systems which reuse the same water continuously and these can be constructed according to the clients needs. They require only a sensible budget to allow success of a project and this is reflected in the fact that all installations constructed for customers are still in use The growing of fish in a controlled environment allows the fish to thrive under it's most preferred conditions which can lead to immense benefits.

Rearing of Large Atlantic Salmon for Angling 
The Supreme Salmon Co is the most successful company in the world for growing Atlaintic Salmon in freshwater. This makes them particularly suited for introduction to freshwater lakes for the sport of angling. The salmon reared are stocked into Palm Springs Salmon Fishery the only stocked salmon fishing lake in existance but are not available for general sale at


Constuction of Angling Facilities

The five years experience gained by constructing and maintaining the Palm Springs Salmon lake is available to customers who wish to create a salmon fishery of their own. A complete service is offered from preparing the correct environment, processing all the paperwork, constructing lodges etc. to finally introducing stock and giving angling advice. Anglers can catch a salmon in their own grounds and have it for dinner that night.

Please contact Ben Green +44 (0) 775 948 1255 or email